Fargo Season 1 episode 1 "The Crocodile's Dilemma"

A nice way to start a new series.  The story is very interesting and being a Minnesotan its fun to watch.  As much as I enjoyed the first episode I thought the actors could have studied the 'Minnesota Personality' before they tried to act them but they got close enough for what takes years to build.  Anyways, for a show that lots of Minnesotans are going to watch and especially north westerners, they maybe should have filmed it in Minnesota.  I am not saying do the actual parts parts in Bemidji...as they probably couldn't now as its already progressed since 2006. and the majority of watching wont care anyways but I am just saying it doesn't give it the Minnesota feel when you see hills looking mountain like in some of the scenes.

I wonder if that really happened between the Duluth Police and Billy Bob.  I have known those cops to let someone off if they are nice and cooperative but with threats like that its something to think about.  They say this is based on a true story so did Billy Bob actually get called to hit in Duluth and if so I wonder could it have been me? only kidding.  Although its surprising how many 'accidents' are really accidents in that town.  Its a town just big enough to keep you busy enough not to think about how your life is actually going down than up and most people don't make it out and others escape to chemistry for better living.  Life for people there is circles and if Duluth were to have an anthem song it would be ' You spin me right round '

Enough about Duluth.  I give the series premier an A-.  It was great and kept me glued to the TV and the dark humor is just my taste.  I laughed so hard when the kid called that guy a pumpkin.  I have seen two pumpkins in my life and one is on TV.  the other one got his at Walmart for $15.00.  The murder of his wife was almost funny, I mean if she were to just get knocked out after the first hit with no blood I mean.  The commercial breaks were a main factor in the A-.  I realize and know about advertising they have to make their money too I just hope they lighten up a bit on them.

I will continue to watch and look forward to the rest of the season.

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