Fargo Season 1. Episode 3. A Muddy Road

Congratulations, Fargo has just made it to an official series.  That's my opinion anyways.  Why do I say that? Because they did a great job of setting the tone and doing the right hook so well they known where you'll be on Tuesdays.  Much like an EKG reading that most doctors would like to see, it jumps up and goes back down to create some worry and then goes to a steady, comfortable beat.  Now everything is set and the ''Normal life and investigation'' can take place and I sure hope that's not the case... at least with Lester anyways(I think there is a few more murders in him).    I say that only because Lester seems like the guy that takes care of his ''stuff.''  I don't know whats going to happen but it would appear like Lester Seems to be the type that would murder the investigator who is getting too close to solving things out.  Its kinda weird, you almost take sympathy for him because he was bullied growing up, almost like if you were bullied as a kid especially in high school ( kids mature by then )  you get some kind of sympathy pass for murder.  I don't personally agree with that I am just stating that in the first episode it was like they justified his motives as Lester's wife was being a bully to him.  As many people say ' be nice to nerds, chances are one day you'll end up working for one. '  Yeah that's true but, if you don't end up working for one another good chance is with all the bottled anger, you'll end up being killed by one too.  So be nice people.

I am glad this episode of Fargo brought a few things together from the first episode and specifically the guy in trunk.  Whats the deal with him and what was Billy Bob to do with him?  Did I miss something?  One thing I do find myself doing is analyzing the characters and how situations that happen in Fargo could actually have a chance of happening.  One thing that sticks in my mind is how careless they portray a hit-man. Its 2006 Billy, of course they're going to get a mug of you dragging a man out of his cubical to a stolen car.  Is Billy Bobs character that bad ass that he just doesn't care?  He carries a swagger about himself that he will never be caught?  Billy is smart and shows his understanding of people by his scare tactics to get the grocery king to pay the ransom that he has upped to a million. It takes a true psychopath to poison a guy with amphetamines into a manic state so that when Billy pulls his scare stunts, they are that much more effective.  Also another thing about Billy even though he is smart,   I've never seen a hit-man portrayed so dumb they underestimate the police and modern technology so, I don't know how, but for some reason I feel that Billy's going to get away in the end.  Maybe my critique is coming from recently watching 'The Professional' but, its also not wise to show up to mans business who's life you're about to take, in a small town where your face is not familiar and say ' you just want to get a look at him.'  Is this just bad writing on the producers part or will this pan out in some genius planning way.  Which ever happens in the end I wont be surprised and only because the producers did show sign of not doing their homework when It came to Billy's character buying the Adderall because any college student would know that you don't get that much Adderall for what appears to be a hundred bucks...maybe 1/20th that if you're lucky and you sure as heck wouldn't get it from that nice of black market set up on wheels.

Its interesting watching the characters develop now that we are into the 3rd episode of Fargo.  Lester is clearly going crazy as we see him in the end buying the huge gun.  I am hoping the Duluth Police man and the Bemidji police woman find love.  They both seem to need it and would be a nice little positive in the story aside from all the bad things that are going on... maybe it would even the show out in some weird way.  Billy's character clearly has something up his sleeve and has a plan in motion and even the two guys that are investigating Billy's Murders are getting interesting. Whats up with Ice House scene at the end?

I take that back about what I said in a previous post about people being the Bemidji Sheriff for Halloween.  Its more likely you could see people next Halloween wearing a suit with an orange bubble winter jacket saying 'I'm Lester, from Fargo.'

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