Fargo Season 1 Episode 2 Thoughts and Comments

The big bang has definitely settled.  The 2nd episode of Fargo was good but, it wasn't as great as the first episode.  I guess to start a new series out you need to hook in your audience and that's what Fargo did.  However, even though it was good and not great, I will still continue to look forward to next episode.  Now that the first episode of Fargo has me interested and hooked its like reading a book...once you start you need to see how the rest and the end goes.  I would give this episode a B. not a B- or a B+ ... just a B.  I hope Fargo is like breaking bad though in the sense that Breaking Bad had great episodes and a few bad ones here and there then it would jump back up to flawless episodes. I guess its how the story goes though.  The more action packed it is, the better the episode seems.  Maybe I shouldn't expect too much action after the first set of murders as nothing really 'action packed' happens in northern Minnesota and when it does, well, they make movies and TV shows about it.  I do find myself wondering if I would be as interested in Fargo if I wasn't from Northern Minnesota and I never lived in Duluth or Bemidji.  I keep hoping I will see familiar sights when I watch Fargo but, then I remember it was filmed in Canada.  Does anyone know what grocery store they are referring to?

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