Fargo TV Series and Fargo the Movie / What you need to know.

Ok, lets start out with a bang kinda like the TV show does.  FARGO TV and Fargo Movie are not the same and the TV show is not based on the Movie.  Imagine it like this.  Think of Batman entertainment.  The movies and the shows of Batman are totally different stories but still include some of the same things or places that are similar. Example, Gotham City.  That city has been referred to in almost all the Batman movies and TV shows but different stories, different deaths, different scenes.  Fargo, Bemidji, Northern Minnesota is what the 'Fargos' have in common but, they are going to tell some different stories and have different deaths.

So does this mean there will be More Fargo movies and Fargo TV shows/series?  I don't hold the question to that but, if the show keeps going like it is, viewers are going to demand more episodes and if FX wants to please their viewers it would be smart to produce more.

Does this mean kids are going to be wanting to become Sheriffs of Bemidji for Halloween in the future?  I am not sure but I hope so although I wouldn't be surprised to see some 'sheriffs of Bemidji' at some 'adult Halloween party costumes in the near future.  Maybe its actually time Minnesota and especially northern Minnesota is being put on the map showing we have something to offer that is special in our own way.  I think the last time they said Duluth on the TV coming from Hollywood was when that chick coach from the mighty ducks was explaining that ducks fly together, then stated her town of origin, Duluth, Minnesota.

I must include that during my research into the movie and TV show Fargo, it did get some of its influence from a Murdered Housewife. Apparently the Coen brothers had some influence from the 1986 Connecticut murder of Helle Crafts who was ''Wood Chipped'' by her husband Richard Crafts.  That murder had to do with the husband cheating and the wife finding out. Google the names to find out more.

So there it is, you don't have to watch the movie Fargo in order for the show to make sense.

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